The Best Photography Contests

Many of us have an outlet which allows us escape from the stresses of our everyday lives and partake in something we thoroughly love and enjoy. For some, this may be something as simple as reading a book or walking their dog, but for others, they use this spare time as a time to express themselves and get creative. Many of us own a camera of some sorts, and will often carry this with us during social events as a means to capture some memories in the form of an image. In some cases, we may not be too fussed with how we look in the image and the way in the composition has been captured. That is unless you are passionate about photography. Photography has quickly become a popular pastime with many people, and with new models of digital cameras on the market at the moment, it really couldn’t be easier to take a decent photograph and use computer software to tweak certain aspects of the image to make an impressive piece. However, in a lot of cases, great photography comes from some sort of training-whether it is from higher education or teaching yourself, but the more you practice and try new things, the better your photography will become.

If you’re serious about photography, one of the best ways in which you can get your work viewed by many, and possibly turn it into a career is through entering a photography contest. There are a wide range of photography contests which can be found both on the internet and through reading photography publications. Some are designed as a means to seek out fresh, new talent, and also as a way for many aspiring photographers to win some cash for their efforts. If you are looking to enter a contest, you firstly should research into the different photography contests which are out there and which ones are best sited for your level of expertise, whether you are a beginner to the art or a keen photographer who has practiced the craft for a number of years. The next thing you should look into is what type of photography contest it is-some are specialist contests focusing more on work which is based around wildlife and nature, others may be looking for something much broader.

One of the best resources for photography contests is This provides you with all of the main, official contests which occur throughout the year with details on how long the competition has been open for, what the deadline for entries is and also the categories that the competition is focusing on. This allows you to easily find the contests which are relevant you and the work you produce, as well as giving you the great knowledge that you are entering a legitimate competition which you will gain exceptional acknowledgment for were you to win. Alternatively, you can visit your local magazine store and ask to be shown to the arts aisle. Photography magazines are usually run by either avid photographers and/or members of a photography association, and so will be looking to put on official and recognized contests. Creative publications such as this will often put on a contest a few times a year, so there are plenty of chances to try your hand at winning a contest. If you are lucky to be shortlisted or even win, your work will also be seen by all subscribers of the magazine.

Getting your work shown to the world is often one of the hardest things you can try to do as an artist, but by taking part in a photography contest, you will have a much better chance of not only having your work viewed, but also have some feedback from outside parties. By researching into contests which are related to your subject matter, you could soon see yourself a winner of a great prize.

How to Choose the Best Photography Backdrops

Taking pictures may seem simple, but it involves many different factors that make photos stand out and look the best they could be. An appropriate backdrop, adequate lighting, and visual clarity are only a few factors that make a good photograph.

If you want to take a good picture, you must consider these factors. Good lighting helps show your picture’s subject clearly and highlight the features that you want to be noticed in your photograph, and a carefully chosen backdrop will set the mood of the picture and help tell your subject’s story.

Choosing a good backdrop is easy once you’ve planned out all the important details for your photo shoot. Recommended photography backdrops for human subjects are those that are important to your subject and coincide with your subject’s purpose in having their pictures taken. The purpose of the shoot may be to capture moments in a wedding, or a soccer game, or a birthday party, and recommended backdrops would be areas in the venue that are distinct and can easily be remembered.

For example, the backdrop that can be easily recognized for a church wedding would be the altar. Yes, the clothing of your subjects will show clearly that it is a wedding, but the backdrop will add more depth and detail to the photograph. Another example would be a child’s first soccer game. A good backdrop would be the soccer goal. It will clearly help the viewer identify the place and event of the photograph. Lastly, recommended photography backdrops for a birthday party depend on the type of birthday party and the age of the celebrator, but a common backdrop is the cake, especially if it is tiered or has an interesting design.

If the photo shoot is done in a studio, the recommended photography backdrops are those that will enhance your subject’s appearance. They must help in making the features of your subject stand out. What’s also important is for the backdrop not to clash with the subject, or steal the focus of the photograph from the subject. Lastly, the backdrop should harmonize with the subject’s purpose in having their pictures taken. For example, your subject wants to submit modeling photos to a fashion magazine.

Recommended photography backdrops are those that will not clash with the subject’s makeup and clothes. If your subject is wearing a light shade of orange and pinkish makeup, you better not choose a royal blue backdrop. Another example is your subject wants to submit modeling photos, this time to a magazine about outdoor activities. Though you have backdrops in the studio that depict mountains and sunshine, wouldn’t it be better to take the photo shoot outdoors, since the subject’s purpose is to show pictures that have an outdoor theme?

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor photo shoot, always prepare your backdrop and nitpick the details that you want to be included or remove. Make sure there are no bystanders or people passing by behind your subject when it is an outdoor photo shoot. They will steal the focus on the subject. It’s OK if the bystanders are too far away to be noticed, but it really depends on what your subject wants.

For indoor photo shoots, make sure your backdrops have no visible wrinkles, stains, or faded spots. It will ruin the photo and make it look unprofessional.

Always pay attention to detail and make the effort to know what your subject wants. These will guide your instincts in choosing the best photography backdrops time and again.

Best Photography Programs

A brilliant pianist has no need to look at the ivory, his hands know the way. This is also true with a great photographer, and the best photography programs instill this in their students. While allowing their talent to shine through students with excellent photography skills are able to function with their cameras instinctively. They are so familiar with their equipment and the training is so etched in their mind they are able to simply work, allowing their talent to show itself while the training keeps them on the path of correct procedure.

The following is a short list of schools with excellent photography programs: Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara Ca., Brown College Mendota Heights, MN. Harrington College of Design, Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology, and Briarcliffe College. These are all notable schools that give fine photography training. These schools stay abreast of the latest technology in the business. Students are given the necessary training to keep them competitive in a highly competitive market. The best photography programs prepare a student to walk into any photography situation and go to work.

The best photography programs teach a student to be creative without losing control of the elements needed to make a shoot successful. In the best photography programs students are encouraged to find their comfort zone and expand on it while learning the discipline required for success. The Photography business is extremely competitive and a good photography program does not allow its students to go out without having the skills necessary to compete. Many things are taught in the best photography programs: Video Photography, Film Photography, Visual Journalism, Still Life Photography, Advertising, Portrait, and Commercial Photography.

A student learns and becomes proficient with their technical ability they are able to completely concentrate on there talent while taking care of the other aspects of the photography business. The camera is machinery a photography student must become familiar with; in a sense the camera is his lifeline. In the best photography programs the use of the camera becomes second nature the student has been trained so well.

The camera and the hand of the artist has been the recorder of history for generations. The development of these skills has only come to fruition through training. People become so developed with this skill they almost function without thought of the technical, completely concentrating on the art, the way only an artist can do. The best photography programs have a hand on learning situation, allowing the student to make mistakes with the benefit of professional correction. We get unforgettable movie images and pictures of events that stay with us; this is partly due to reflective genius, and training given by the best photography programs. Photographic excellence is everywhere we look, and many places we don’t.

Seven Effective Tips to Have the Best Photography Lighting

When you are outside the house, natural light/sun light usually breaks or makes an image. Excellent sun light could change the dullest of scenery into a marvelous image. There are numerous points that you can apply to make the best of light and also to help the digital camera to shoot it very well. Listed here are my own best strategies for having this perfect photography lighting.

1. Shoot pictures in the Golden Hour. This relates to the hour around dawn and also to the hour close to sundown. During these moments, the sunshine is much smoother and more delicate, which implies fewer shadows, plus much more tonal characteristics inside the picture, making the best pictures lighting you will find.

2. Examine your exposure and make use of your histogram to make certain that you have not displaced details within the highlights. When details are missing, you can’t correct it, even during post-production.

3. Wait for the fleeting sunlight. If the sun just splits through a series clouds and also transmits sun rays into the earth. This will generate lovely pictures.

4. Explore your site, just to ensure the place provides the perfect photography lighting achievable during the time of day whenever you want to shoot. By preparing your pictures, you may not miss any kind of chances for excellent lighting.

5. Try things out with sunlight. Many people shoot with the sunlight to their rear, though capturing into the sunlight can produce fascinating outcomes. You may capture strong silhouettes by doing this. On the other hand, you may dial in certain exposure settlement and probably end up getting a properly exposed picture having rays of sunshine coming from the sun. With the sun aside of the image, it can make strong shadows and guide a viewer to the picture.

6. Make use of your metering settings to support the camera expose the picture properly. As an example, utilizing spot or fractional metering will help ensure objects within a picture definitely be noticeable if the lights are perfect.

7. Make use of white balance configurations. Assist the camera by deciding on the best white balance setting for the specific situation. Additionally, you can test out various white balance settings to generate various outcomes in your picture.

The Best Photography Classes

If you have a good eye for picturesque scenes, maybe you simply want to be able to catch important memories? If you want to be able to take pictures but do not currently know how, You can find really great classes to take by looking online. You can learn from some of the greatest photographers out there. Everyone can choose to sign up for these classes; you can take either the regular analog camera classes or take digital type camera classes. Either way you choose to go you will learn the same sort of stuff

Several high-end photo schools can be found in major metropolitan areas all around the world. In places such as New York, Paris and London you can find some of the greatest classes and professors in the field of photography. Several high-end schools can provide good photography classes as well.

High-end Photo colleges will make you learn the history of photography in the industry, so that you will gain an insight as to the differences in the world of photography and how it has grown. A high-end college will ensure that when you exit their school that you are well versed in using all sorts of cameras from the normal analog style to the newer digital models, also the other sorts of accessories that are available to you.

They will teach you how to create flash photography as well as how you can use different flashes, other types of lenses, studio equipment as well as how to manipulate lights for portraits. You will learn the technical ways the camera functions, and also some of the more artistic methods, how to compose a photo as well as controlling and pre-visualizing the photo. You will have learned how to take and develop some amazing pictures in color and black and white.

You will also learn things like workflow, digital file techniques, as well as other general computer features. With these skills, you will take great photos, and also make them better and clearer. A great photo school can take you from a general picture taker to a top photographer.